Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Beowulf Housekeeping

In a bizarre crossover of posts: The Zoomlians and I swore undying fealty as thanes of the Emperor and were sent on a quest to prove our valor. To wit: we were sent to dispatch the evil mountain of laundry which had been terrorizing the top floor.

Eight full loads it was, a brute the like of which would quell the courage of the stoutest mortal. Undaunted, we stalked it to its dismal lair. No enterprise for a coward, this.

Gathering our courage we leaped upon the monster. Yet here was a task in which our keenest blades could not avail us! Seizing it with our bare hands we rent it into a thousand neatly folded pieces. Indeed, here was a task for all our courage, strength, speed and cunning!

Within the quarter of an hour the mighty deed was done. The vile mass of fresh smelling fabric was reduced to neat piles, carried away as the spoils of war.

Did our good lord fail to reward his thanes? Indeed, no! Great was the feasting on chocolate, honeyed was the speech of our noble king, praising the heroes. Many were the swords he gave us, finely wrought and inlaid with plastic. Many were the rings and treasures he heaped upon us and great was our honor and that of our lord.


Queen of Carrots said...

Hey! We have one of those monsters! Want to sail down to Burgundy and take it on? We could even do the feasting on chocolate afterwards. :-)

Eric and Wendy said...

Fear not! As your own noble thanes grow in size and valor, you too shall send them on such quests (and the monster will still be there, believe me!). Indeed, the vile mound of laundry shall be nibbled to death by ducklings!