Monday, January 14, 2008

Super Girls Night Meets the BIG Noooose

Leena, as you may have noticed, doesn't just march to a different drummer, she waltzes to a whole nother orchestra.

The dresses were Christmas presents, carefully squirreled away from Halloween.

The girls were dancing and drinking tea from the fancy tea cups. We had made a craft (fleece hats, scarves, and mittens). It was time to bring out the make up kit.

No sooner had I put out the make up when Oob awoke. I'll be right back...

When I got back, Leena met me with delight, "Look at my NOSE!!!"

Indeed. If you click on the picture, you too can get an up close look at Leena's nose.


Queen of Carrots said...

Cyrano's daughter!

Eric and Wendy said...

No kidding! I'm just glad the Emperor's actual nose is a nice size. She walks up to adults and tells them in tones of great admiration, "You've got a big nose!"