Sunday, June 12, 2016

Poem of the Week: Dawn is a Fisherman

Dawn is a Fisherman
By Raymond Barrow
Dawn is a fisherman, his harpoon of light
Poised for a throw - so swiftly morning comes:
The darkness squats upon the sleeping land
Like a flung cast-net, and the black shapes of boats
Lie hunched like nesting turtles
On the flat calm of the sea.

Among the trees the houses peep at the stars
Blinking farewell, and half-awakened birds
Hurtle across the vista, some in the distance
Giving their voice self-criticized auditions.

Warning comes from the cocks, their necks distended
Like city trumpeters: and suddenly
Between the straggling fences of gray cloud
The sun, a barefoot boy, strides briskly up
The curved beach of the sky, flinging his greetings
Warmly in all directions, laughingly saying
Up, up, the day is here! Another day is here!

HT: Shiva Boys
Image HT: Pexels


Margaret Angela Barrow said...

Inspiration for this,one of my father's well-known poems, was taken from the scene at dawn on the beach at Half Moon Caye in southern Belize. He was on honeymoon with his bride,(my mother) Rita.

Wendy said...

That is just delightful! Thanks so much for sharing that. This poem has always given me such joy, it's really wonderful to know the story behind it!