Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry for the lack of posts! We were crazy busy getting ready for Leena's First Communion, and now we are crazy busy getting ready for house guests.

And then Klenda decided she wanted to be an interior designer. Ummm. Sure. OK. Why not?

We went to the library and got books and videos about interior design, and we decided to practice on her room. We measured the room and the windows and all the furniture, then we drew up a scale floor plan on graph paper. We photocopied it, then cut out scale representations of furniture. Then we went to Home Depot and took one of every paint folder (not the individual color chips, just the folders). We talked about color theory, complementary and contrasting colors, and the effects of colors on the room.

We also discussed working for a client. In this case, Leena (who shares the room) is her client. They ended up deciding to paint the room blue with yellow stripes and a white and yellow stenciled border. They also decided to rearrange the room quite a bit.

So far we've purged the junk, rearranged the furniture and painted the blue. We are hoping to put in the stripes and border next week.

We took a large loft bed with a play house out of the girls' room and left it (temporarily) in the library. The plan was to put it in the boys' room when we redid their room. Eventually.

Ever have a project that lead to another project that lead to another project?

In this case, Choclo and Oob found the mountain of large, treacherously shifting plastic parts quite irresistible... so we needed to get it back up quickly.... which meant we needed to purge /paint/rearrange the boys' room quickly...

So, how would the boys like their room?

They wanted it to look like the inside of a space ship. They wanted the walls to be silver. Not gray, silver. They were even willing to chip in $10 each to cover the extra cost of the paint ($42 a gallon!!!!).

I must say, I've done a lot of painting (walls, not pictures) and I have never worked with anything as difficult as that silver paint! It took 4 coats to cover the green and blue stripes (the previous theme). Doh! Should have primed! And every stroke shows. And I have the oldest three kids painting.

But it's done! And it looks fantastic! The cool space sheets (black with stars, galaxies and planets) are being recycled as curtains. Also, we are planning to add (chalkboard paint) portholes and a wall of controls. Klenda says, "Talk about out of this world!"

Do I have pictures? Of course! They are on the camera. Which is around here somewhere. With the Gospel dessert pictures. But that's another post!

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Kate in NJ said...

I can not wait to see the pictures, and a bit of Oobishness
if you please? :-D
I've been to busy to blog as well, and I have been missing his hair-raising..(or is that sticking?)
tales of glory!;-)