Wednesday, June 10, 2009

End of the Year Part 2

We are still (!) going on the astronomy/space exploration unit. We haven't had a lot of clear nights for the telescope, but we keep trying!

Here we have Mxyl's moon base design: The black part is a "solar farm" which leads into batteries below the surface. There is a large silver dish for communications. The dome is oblong and covers plants for oxygen and food as well a s houses and a lab. The water tower is on top of the water recycling unit.

Here is Klenda's: She went with a large silver dome - large enough to support it's own controlled weather (hence the cloud). You can also see generators, a water supply, many storied buildings and plenty of plants for food and oxygen.

This is picture Klenda took of Oob.

If you wondered where Oob and Choclo are in the midst of all this, the answer would be:
A Getting into everything.
B Breaking the refrigerator lock and then getting into everything.
C Potty training.
D Playing in the mud.
E Scattering trash about the house
F Rewriting the password on the one computer connected to the internet.
G All of the above.

Hmmmmm. Tough question.

During one of the many impressive thunderstorms, we turned off all the lights, told "scary" stories, and made shadow puppets while eating watermelon. Zorg carved his into a cat face that you could shine a light through! How cool is that?!

The Emperor also did a stirring reading of William and the Magic Ring - a fantastic shadow casting book!

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