Thursday, May 22, 2014

Other Stuff Going On

 I had a birthday!  I actually spent my birthday visiting my  mom and dad up in NJ with Zorg.

Here are Mom and Zorg bringing in my cake with 44 lit candles!!

Yes, I did blow them all out.

No, the fire department did not help.

It was the cutest cake, too!  When they showed it to me, I thought they had gotten me a porcelain flower knick knack, but no,that clay is all frosting!
 We were also celebrating my mom's birthday, and Mother's Day, so it was all pretty festive.  I prepared and planted a garden for my mom, so she'll have something nice when I'm not there.  It was a really nice visit, and I'm so glad Zorg got to spend the time with my folks!

We also got to visit an amazing playground!  I would love to play on an adult sized one of these!  If you are ever in Andover, NJ on a non-school day, their school playground is fantastic!

And, when we got home, Klenda had made me another lovely cake!

And the Zoomlians had gotten me an array of awesomeness unlikely to be equalled to the ending of the world!  Hyperbole, you say? Not so.

They got me two things I've wanted for a long time: the SHIELD Helicarrier and a Jaeger!!

I have them hanging over my desk, so you can see that the Helicarrier won't actually solve all my parking problems in the way I had envisioned, BUT,  I'm using the Helicarrier as the drop vehicle for my Jaeger.  If you are not blown away by how incredibly awesome this actually is, clearly you have not seen Avengers and Pacific Rim.
At least not as many times as I have.


Sue Elvis said...

Happy birthday Wendy! I love your cakes, both of them! I've been enjoying all your posts. I'd missed so much: Two birthdays and an anniversary. Happy anniversary to you and your husband!

Anonymous said...

Where did the pig come from?
Happy birthday/anniversary/mothers day, Wendy!

Wendy said...

Random Angry Birds. It's a way of life.