Friday, June 10, 2016

Seven Quick Takes: Doing ALL THE THINGS!

 This past week or so has been a non stop party of getting everything done that I have been putting off because I didn't want to deal with it.

1. For starters, we bought a car. It took 4 days and about 842 hours of sitting around car places, but we have a car and it has air conditioning!
Look, I photobombed the car! (actual quote)

And it drives and stops and looks like it will be super dependable and all that stuff.

It is the first time since having kids that we have a car younger than any of the kids (it's a 2013) which feels a little weird. Actually, it's the first car we've bought specifically for our kids to drive, which is even weirder

But it has great air conditioning (and we'll be in the 90s with high humidity this weekend)!

2. I literally closed the books on the 2015-16 school year.

I mailed in my portfolios last weekend, but this week I finished filing all the kids' papers into their binders, closing the binders and stuffing them in the basement.

If you are The Emperor and looking at this photo with woe, I firmly resolve, with the help of God's grace, to get them off the workbench and onto the correct shelves in the basement by the end of summer. Well, some summer, anyway.

Moving right along.
3. Choclo found his favorite penguin and new BFF, standing outside in a medical office park.

The office park had installed lots of zoo animal sculptures around the building, but somehow, as God's personal gift to Choclo, they put the penguin right outside the door to Choclo's very own doctor.

I see more doctor visits in our future! :)

 4. I got my freezer cleaned out!!! And organized!!!!

I'm picturing at least half of you rolling your eyes.

I'm picturing at least half of you applauding.

 You can picture me taking a victory lap to burn off all the "extra" ice cream.

5. While I was cleaning the freezer/filing paperwork/waiting around for hours in car places, the kids were amusing themselves.

I now need another case of paper and a large push broom, but it was totally worth it!

Also, for no particular reason, do you remember the 80's dance "The Robot?"

6. We had an unexpected run of beautiful weather with clear blue skies, light breezes, and highs in the 70s.

I spent every spare moment outside, weeding and mulching and sitting in the garden watching hummingbirds, bees, and finches.

That's how I discovered that we have a tenant in the birdhouse Zorg painted for me for Mother's Day!

I think it's a family of purple finches.  I suppose it could be sparrows.  Or wrens!

I keep catching glimpses of the mother, and the female purple finch looks a lot like a sparrow to me. Or maybe a wren. They're all little mottled brown birds with "eyebrows." Can you tell I'm new at this whole birding thing?

7.  What? I have to do a seventh take?
Random paper found in my house, but I think it's from Oob.
UPDATE: The picture is from Choclo.

More fun with Kelly!


Jenny Evans said...

I like the photobombing the car quote. And I'm both rolling my eyes and applauding at the freezer organization (the eye-rolling is to cover up the fact that I'm jealous.) Nice work!

Wendy said...

Thanks so much! I knew someone had to understand! ;)

Domingo said...

Funny that you said you finally bought a car younger than the kids, we were just saying the same thing the other night. Now that they are older we simply had to find a safer vehicle to get them to soccer practice, dentist appointments, and the mall on the weekend. You made the right choice because these cars are super dependable.