Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stalking the Giant Squid

Kate, this one's for you and your princess!

The truth is, catching an entire giant squid on film is extremely difficult. A giant squid in your house presents different challenges than one in the wild. In this case, since he was taking up 4 rooms, I couldn't get him all in one shot. Here is his tail.

And his mantle.

And here is the rest of him, except, of course, it's not.
There are 8 20' orange streamers which are his arms and 2 40' red streamers which are his tentacles. You can just barely see his eyes and the siphon is invisible.

The black cords are actually Christmas lights hung over the baby's cradle (adds interest!) and you might be able to make out the other stuff on the ceiling (body traces of my kids dressed as super heroes swimming with the squid). The arms and tentacles curve off to the left into the dining room and then on into kitchen. The squid can reach all the way around my house to scratch his tail!

Click on the last picture for a larger view.


Kate in NJ said...

WooHoo!! Awesome! I can't wait to try this sometime this school year.
Princess has been asking to "see the squid" so much my dh is now asking about it. LOL

Kate in NJ said...

I posted a link to your blog on mine,
this is such a great idea and so helpful to those of us with little wall space for these projects!

Eric and Wendy said...

Thank you so much!

Jennifer said...

Awesome project! I just linked your site to mine and plan on trying it out today. Thanks for sharing your idea! http://www.toadhaven.com/Giant%20Squid.html