Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Guest Blog by Mxyl: Story time!!!!

And now it's time for Story Time with Mxyl:

Hello cute earthlings! I have made a story about an animal from our home planet, Zoom.
Here it is. Enjoy!
by Mxyl.

A new animal is at the now-crowded zoo. He is invisible. His fearsome roar cannot be heard. He is also transparent.
A person asked the zookeepers how they caught the creature. The keepers said, "Um...Hold don't really know. We weren't the ones who caught him. Maybe... You could ask... the Hunters?"
"I KNEW IT!" Said one of the people, throwing open the door.
"IT WAS JUST A TRICK!", said another.
"Thar's nuth'n' in ahear, just air," said still another.
The zookeepers said,"No!!! you opened the door! That's one of the most dangerous animals on the planet!!"
"Yea, right," laughed one of the people.
But, seen by no one, something jumped out of cage and ate everybody up.
The moral of the story is: Don't jump to conclusions. Trust your superiors.

I hope you have enjoyed my story! Bye for now, earthlings!
This has been Story time with Mxyl.
As they say in Zoomlian, "Fhlshsush!"

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