Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Off to the Zoo

After a week and half of being stuck inside, we needed to get out, so we headed off to our favorite zoo.

It always amazes me that, although we live within sight of Washington DC, it is actually as fast or faster to drive up to Baltimore for either the Zoo or the symphony.

We used to live in Baltimore, so this was the Zoo I took Mxyl to when he was a baby. It was a nice zoo then, but now, it's fantastic!

We particularly liked the tundra buggy/polar bear exhibit.

Here is Leena, "driving" the tundra buggy!

And here are Choclo and Oob, playing in a bear trap (What? Like you never let your kids play with bear traps?)

This visit we did their African trail . This actually includes African penguins next door to their elephants!

Mxyl pointed out that it looked like the penguins had feet without legs and the elephants had legs without feet. I never thought of it that way before, but it was pretty funny going from one to the other!

Then we discovered they had a baby elephant! Way too cute!

I let the kids loose with the camera, and they came up with some very nice shots.

All in all a lovely day!

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