Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Week of Mondays

Monday I: The Emperor goes back to school. I consider our usual Monday schedule and decide we'd better ease into things. We go light on the seat work and put away a lot of Christmas stuff.
Score: Kids: Very Happy Mom: Very Tired but Satisfied

Monday II: We run our usual Monday schedule. Much whining ensues. But we end up getting a lot done.
Score: Kids: Moderately Happy Except for Those Who Have Forgotten Everything They Ever Knew About Long Division Mom: Very Tired

Monday III: First day back to co-op, do you remember where your back pack is? Everyone has a great time, but the vital trip to Target I tack on to the end was really pushing it.
Score: Kids: Very Happy Mom: Very Tired but Happy

Monday IV: All set for back to normal... and someone has a fever. I jettison the schedule and decide that if we can get the thank you notes done and the floor swept and the most vital e mails out and everyone is still alive when the Emperor returns, I shall consider it a triumph.

Guess what? I did all that and blogged!!! I think I'll have one of the kids walk behind me for the rest of the day, whispering, "Remember, thou art mortal!"
Score: Kids: Very Happy Mom: Very Happy and Kinda Tired

Moral of the Story: I think part of being happy while home schooling (especially when you are going through a rough patch) is recognizing what you have done instead of thinking of what you wanted to do.

Some days it does feel like the most you've managed is to keep the kids from killing each other. Guess what? Teaching them to get along is something they will use more often than long division (we hope). In school, they call those affective goals.

Oh, and be sure to teach them long division. Again.

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