Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Marching Through Time

Of all the the events we got to, this is my favorite. The March through Time is an encampment of historical reenactors arranged chronologically. They have Celts, 3 Roman legions (from the Western and Eastern Empires!), knights, American Revolution, Civil War, Vietnam War soldiers, you name it! It was really jaw dropping to see them all camped out next to each other. We missed the last few years because I didn't remember until it was too late I actually looked them up in January this year so I wouldn't miss it.

This first picture is a Frankish warrior fighting for Charlemagne (the Emperor was able to trace his line back to Charlemagne, and this fellow was delighted to be able to defend actual descendants!). He's showing the kids his francisca.

Here we have Klenda being outfitted with a helm from the War of the Roses. I love it that the all the reenactors were so patient and kid friendly. They really seemed to enjoy the kids questions. Actually, they all seemed to be just enjoying themselves!

I must add these fellows - US Navy War of 1812. The kids ran off to see the privateers, but I talked Horatio Hornblower with these guys til the kids came back and dragged me away.

Here Klenda is swabbing a cannon. You can see Zorg in the back - he's finished ramming the shot, but you can't see Leena who was lighting the charge.

And look, here we all are in the Zulu War!

I was very interested in the large WWII encampment, partly because I've seen so many movies and pictures from that time period. These GIs were hanging out in a foxhole and all I could think was, it looks just like Foyle's War!

Zorg asked me to take a picture of the guns...

Zorg and Klenda were able to answer enough questions from what they had seen that they were both knighted. Quite a satisfying end to a great excursion!

I will have to download the rest of the pictures from Klenda's camera. She recently bought herself a very nice camera with a 10 gigabyte card (!) and has been taking a truly amazing number of pictures.

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