Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What About the Little Guys?

Oob has been pretending to be a puppy. He's been doing lots of fetching and licking people. And he loves being read to! If only we could convince him not to bring us library books in his mouth.

Choclo is reading more and more. He has done the Leap Frog videos (to me the easiest way to teach toddlers their letters and sounds). He is still watching Between the Lions and Electric Company and getting a lot out of them.

He has been reading Bob Books for a while (and will be for another year, I suppose). We love them because they are such nice graduated chunks. The whole "I read the whole book!"idea is a very powerful motivator.

Choclo (and Oob) are also very into Starfall. We always end up with both kids on my lap for this. I really can not believe that this is a free website! It's a top notch phonics program with a highly motivating mix of games and stories. We are currently doing lesson 6 in "Learn to Read." Great stuff!

Choclo has also just got into Puzzle Buzz. Wow! Most definitely not free, but it's exactly at his challenge level and he loves it. Great mix of stuff and he is always so excited that he did it.

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