Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mxyl! Part 3

First he had a party with family. He ended up with a lot of new robots!

And then he had a Lego/robot party with friends.


He had a great birthday!

I have to say, I thought I was ready for him to be a teenager. I am, mostly. But then I realize that in five years, he'll be 18. And then he needs new shoes. And his shoe size is just half a size smaller than the Emperor's. And he's taller than two of his aunts. Wow!

The childhood of my first child is done: he's an adolescent now. It's poignant. Mostly I feel very blessed. Mxyl was such a sweet baby and such a great kid, I enjoyed his childhood so much! And he's such a neat kid now, and I see him turning into such an interesting adult - someone I would be glad to know.

When people warned me about having teenagers, mostly I thought they were talking about bad behavior - growing pains. I presume that's mostly ahead, to whatever degree it will be. This, they don't talk about as much.

I have been, all this time, trying to live in the present and enjoy my kids as they are now, yet looking ahead to what I want for them as adults. I want him to be who God created him to be: holy, kind, strong, faithful, brave, thoughtful... The Scout Law, sums it up well, actually! I want him to be able to do whatever God calls him to. I want him to be capable of strong and loving relationships with God and others.

Now, as he turns 13, I can see all that in him. He's on the path that God has given him, and I am both grateful and a little amazed that God used me to help make Mxyl.

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