Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trials of Furno Part 5

Just then, one of Meltdown’s huge tentacles slammed into me. I flew headfirst into a tree… but didn’t die. Weren’t his tentacles filled with nuclear energy?

Just then I got it. the thing I was holding gave his tentacles nuclear power! I charged back toward Meltdown, more than ready for a rematch.

Meltdown was looking for me. It appeared-despite looking for me- he was not to pleased to see me. Maybe it was that I was alive? “YOU!!! I THOUGHT I’D ONLY HAVE TO KILL YOU ONCE!!! I WILL MAKE IT MORE PAINFUL THIS TIME!!! YOU


I decided I couldn’t run anymore, so I had to fight.

Of course, I had better things to do that night than dying, but if he insisted…

Flip “HEY!” BOOM! I might as well make it fun. I thought I had him when he shot a deadly ball of poison out of a weapon in his hand. It was coming too fast to dodge. I knew I had only one chance.

I shielded myself with the nuclear generator which I was still holding on. Poison

ball met nuclear generator and then… BOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!! The generator exploded; and meltdown was soaked in his own radiation. “WHAT? IMPOSSIBLE!

I HAD IT ALL PLANNED! I WAS BEATEN… BY A ROOKIE! LOOK what you’ve done! Rookie! Before I disappear from evil fame completely! help meee…. I stood, towering over a 1- hurr (1 hurr, on my planet, is 2 earth inches)-tall

mighty and merciless Meltdown.

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