Friday, November 12, 2010

Trials of Furno Part 6

Chapter 2

Stormer couldn’t believe his eyes when I brought in Meltdown on the palm of my hand.

He was lashing his not-so-nuclear tentacles at Stormer at 1st sight of him.

FURNO!!!! I can’t believe this! Meltdown the mighty and merciless… in

Hero Factory Headquarters… at this size????!!!! Roam HQ, Furno… In the meantime, I’ll decide what to do with you.”

I decided to go where I always went—1st to Mark, then we went over to Nat’s quarters.

Then, we did what we usually did. We snuck out Natalie’s window, heaved in some large rocks, and blasted them to smithereens! Oh yeah, and I also told them what happened. They were very, very exited- so exited they were making an even more terrible mess!

LUCK-Y!” shouted Nat. “I’m not going to dare tell you the things Jim’s ‘teaching’ me!”

Totally tubular,” Mark agreed, decimating a boulder in one blast from his lightning shield. “That guy’s, like, No.3½ or something on Stormer’s most wanted list.” All of us rookies know NEVER to use Stormer’s 1st name, Preston, so we always call him “Sir” or “Stormer.”

All this time we were blasting rocks all over the place. Of course, we do keep something like a broom in the corner so we could sweep it all up into Stormer’s office.

Ah, yes, happy days, happy wounds, unhappy Stormer and even unhappier us.

I snapped back to reality as Natalie and Mark were finishing a conversation. “Woah, and I thought Will had it tough with Stormer! are you saying that he actually calls you ‘honey’ now?”

Yeah. This time he’s already up to ‘fighting and dating at the same time,’” she sighed, “With him being the one I date. If I knew where his quarters were--”

Then I, with my way with electronics, could pick the lock…and Mr. Hero-of-the-the-day,” he gestured at me, “Will do the rest! What do you say, Will? Up for your greatest-and awesomest- challenge yet?” I looked at the hopeful look on Nat’s face.

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