Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Knitting Projects

How do these things get started? Leena went with me to a yarn store and fell in love with a multicolored fuzzy yarn. Could I make her a scarf? Why not?

Klenda saw the yarn and decided she wanted to knit, too. Back to the store! She picked out some beautiful (literally: that was the name of the yarn!)blue stuff. She knitted a scarf for Mumpy for Christmas while I knitted the multicolor for Leena. She's lost it already, but I'll post a picture when she finds it.

I had gotten 2 skeins of each, unsure of how much I would need. One skein does a scarf nicely, so Klenda took Leena's extra skein and is knitting a scarf for herself. I took the extra skein of "beautiful" and did another scarf for Klenda.

It may help to know that I am a fantastic scarf knitter and a less than mediocre hat knitter and that's really about the limit of my knitting.

At any rate, I finished Klenda's scarf last night and Zorg admired it (always dangerous when I am in knitting mode!). So, I asked him if he would like a scarf.

Zorg: No, thank you. Can you knit me a beard?

Well, as it happens, I inherited skein of brown hairy yarn that I never used because I thought it would look.. uh... brown and hairy.

My new score:
Scarves: fantastic!
Hats: less than mediocre.
Beards: I have been wasting my time on scarves, I was obviously born to knit beards!


Queen of Carrots said...

I love the beard! What a great idea. :-D

Wendy said...

There's a reason beard and weird rhyme...