Monday, January 24, 2011

A Special Monday

The county has been furloughing teachers on semi random days. We have four furlough days this year, but it's hard to complain when two of the four were the Emperor's birthday and the day of the March for Life!

The Emperor is off with Mxyl, Klenda and Zorg at the March, so I am here with the three younger kids.

It's been nice to focus on my little guys!

We did a fun paint project. We used gold and silver paint (among other colors) on black paper. This then evolved into an blotting and printing project.

We put together our life sized skeleton floor puzzle.

We read lots and lots of Dr. Suess!

We explored outside.

We had a bath with foam paint.

We changed the fish tank water.

We made bread and cookies.

We played around with different patterns.

Leena had a great time being the biggest kid.

Just a nice quiet day!

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