Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall at the Arboretum

 Last week we were scheduled to do the Library of Congress, but... no one showed up to go with us, and I was feeling a bit daunted at the prospect of needing to park about a mile away. 

So I took a quick poll of the Zoomlians, and we went off to the Arboretum instead!

We played hide and seek at the Capitol Columns.  The reflecting pool was having an algal bloom, so we took a sample to look at under the microscope.

 Then it was off to the dogwood garden.  This garden doesn't have a lot of flowers, just a lovely sweep of wilderness on one side, and islands of dogwoods on the other.  It's beautiful in a Jane Austen kind of way!

Mxyl and Klenda tried a new way of wearing scarves.  It took me three pictures to get one where they were both smiling.

We walked from that garden through the camellia garden to the Asian garden.
Lovely camellias!!
 The Asian garden was beautiful!

We really hit the leaves at their peak.

It was a lovely relaxing trip!
No, really, everyone loved it!

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