Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy All Saints Day!

And here are our saints this year:
 Oob is St. Luke, patron saint of doctors.

Choclo is St. Mark, whose symbol is a lion.
 Leena is St. Kateri,the first Native American saint.

Here they are ready to go trick or treating!

Meanwhile, for our home team this year (giving out the candy), we had  Zorg as St. John Bosco (patron of youth and founder of my beloved Salesians), Mxyl as St. James Kisai (one of the Japanese martyrs crucified at Nagasaki), and Klenda as St. Adelaide, (patron of queens and prisoners among other things).

What's with the... lesser known saints?

We are off to the co-op All Saints party where, among other games, you win a prize if no one can guess your saint!

Which is also why this post won't publish until the afternoon, lest we spill the beans before the game!

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