Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Household Triumphs

Last week will be known as The-Week-We-Were-All-Home.

We relaxed and did a lot of small projects. 

One thing I'm very glad we did was get Klenda her own desk and chair.  She had been working out of a corner of my office all last semester with her laptop on a tiny typing caddy, while she sat on a step stool.

But now she has her very own workspace (shared with me and a variety of household and homeschool supplies).

We also did some cleaning, loads of laundry, scraped and painted the porch, wondered why the wood was wet under the gutters, and installed gutter guards which we really, really, really hope has solved the problem.

And we saw friends, watched movies, made a library run, played with hose a lot, washed the cars, used squirt guns (which was a major summer goal for Choclo), and got the yard completely mowed and the garden mostly weeded. 

There was a time when "mostly weeded" would have sounded like failure to me, but now it's a solid win!


Sue Elvis said...


I love weeks when we are all at home! I also love Klenda's workspace. Even though we don't sit at desks to do schooly type work, I still think having a workspace of our own is very important. Everyone needs a quiet spot with space for projects, a computer etc. My workspace (a large table in my bedroom!) is overflowing with my work. I must get around to sorting everything out!

Wendy said...

I love empty weeks when we are all home!

Klenda doesn't tend to do schooly stuff at her desk, except maybe an on line class. But she just finished a novel, and I really wanted to honor her hard work with a more... hmm... respectful space? I wanted her to have a space that was a real comfortable workspace partly to acknowledge that she works hard, following her passions, and I want to support her in what she is doing.

I need to sort out my office and home school rooms before the school year starts up. I had thought I would do that this summer, but we have been gone a great deal. I'm not too stressed about it!