Friday, August 7, 2015

Travelogue Part 5: The Road Home

 From Arkansas, we went through most of Missouri, which took most of the day, but landed us with another dear friend, Fr. Joe!

He is originally from Nigeria, we met in Maryland, and he is now pastor of a very pretty parish in a farming community in Missouri!

I had always thought of Missouri as flat (see left), and in the northeast, it is, but most of the trip was through the beautiful Ozark mountains.
From Missouri, we went through Illinois and most of Indiana.

Remarkably, in the suburbs of Indianapolis, we filled up for $2.16 a gallon!  (It's 50 cents a gallon more around here.)
Ice cream splurge!
 From Indiana we drove through Ohio and back into the Appalachians.

Then it was West Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia (still not sure what quirk of geography had us swerving between the two), and finally, back to Maryland.

Where we have happily stayed for an entire week!

Next week, Leena and I are going to Colorado.

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