Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fairy Tale Vacation Part 3

 We visited Fort Bedford, a fort built for the French and Indian War, which meant it predates our country!

Also, George Washington slept here.

Interestingly, the original fort was built in the same star shape as Fort McHenry!
 We had a great time touring the fort museum which had historical items from the French and Indian War through World War II.

Somehow they figured out we were home schoolers!  It turned out some of the museum people were home schoolers too, so that was fun.

It just made me wonder what it is that says, "Home Schooled!"  I kind of think it's our enthusiasm for museums.  Or possibly that all the kids ask lots of questions.

Moving right along, we visited a store that's hard to describe, but it's a bit like an enormous thrift store crashed into an enormous craft store. 

We found old tea cups and some other fun things, and we were getting ready to leave when I saw the Emperor with an entourage of Zoomlians coming across the store carrying a blazing turkey.

It turned out The Turkey was not actually on fire, merely gleaming with metallic painted gleamingness. Lots of gleaming.

Me: I don't think so.

The Emperor: Choclo loves it.

Choclo: (blinks large brown eyes at the beautiful turkey)

Me: Where would we put it?

The Emperor: Someplace on the table in late November? It can live in the basement the rest of the time.

Choclo: And when Zorg is in the back basement, reading comic books, he could pet it!

 In other news, I let Oob and Choclo borrow the camera, and they took about two dozen pictures of this very cute bunny.

The rest of the 50 pictures are all variations on: Hey!  Take a picture of me while I do this!

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