Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Happy Birthday, Zorg!

Happy 16th birthday, Zorg!

 We had a great day together, visiting the Walters with friends, and having a big family party.

16 Great Things About Zorg

1. He is a Life Scout!
2. He sings with amazing emotion.
3. He's really good at gaming.
3. He's a loyal friend.
4. He's always willing to lend a hand.
5. He's very honest.
5. He's really good at math.
6. He's always up for some fun!
7. He's an amazing climber.
7. He's very good at puzzles.
8. He tells great stories.
9. He is always overflowing with ideas.
10. He really cares about other people.
11. He really supports his family and friends in whatever they are trying to do.
11.He looks like Harry Potter when he puts on glasses (without his moustache).
12. He's the Senior Patrol Leader for his Scout troop.
13. He's rocking the moustache!
13. He has a very small beard.
14. He's really funny, he's always making people smile and laugh!
14. He wants to volunteer for the fire fighters.
15. He's very friendly, as in makes friends everywhere, all the time.
16.  He's a very loving son!

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