Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Big Trip: Iceland

Back on The Big Trip, we visited (imaginarily) Iceland!

We stayed in Reykjavik and did day trips to go ice diving (yes, that's a thing!) and volcano spotting.

The ice diving was really cool.  Freezing, in fact!

You use a dry suit instead of a wet suit so it's a bit warmer than it looks, but it's till pretty cold.

The underwater rock and ice formations are amazing, though!

And then we sprang for a helicopter tour (it took two helicopters for all of us) of the local volcanoes.

This was amazing, as well as jaw droppingly expensive.  Between hotels, food, and tours, we spend over $20,000 in Iceland- not counting over $8,000 in plane tickets from Svalbard to Reykjavik!

That brings our running total to $122, 648. Good thing we can imagine a lot of money!

Back at home, we watched Julia Bradbury's Icelandic Walks, and ate smoked lamb. Yum!

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