Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

We had a big party with lots of friends, games and a gingerbread contest!

The first game was coloring a picture of St. Nicholas. 

St. Nicholas was a bishop, so we cut two little slits and slid in a candy cane for his crosier. 

Then we had Stocking Toss, where the kids tossed little bags of gold on the stockings. That commemorates St. Nicholas tossing bags of gold secretly into a house to help a family who would have had to sell their children.

And, back by popular demand, we had Punch Arius!.

The idea is to punch Arius while shouting parts of the Nicene Creed that proclaim Jesus' divinity.

This is based on the story that St. Nicholas struck Arius during the Council of Nicaea when Arius was trying to convince the world's bishops that Jesus was not really God.

I told the kids that they weren't allowed to punch heretics unless they became bishops and were at an Ecumenical Council.  You never know what can plant the seed of a vocation!

The prizes for all the games were gold (chocolate) coins.

Gingerbread results tomorrow!

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