Monday, April 3, 2017

Gospel Dessert: Raising of Lazarus (Plus our April Fools)

For the Gospel Dessert, we made Lazarus's tomb out of brownies.  Easy peasy and very chocolatey - thank you, Klenda!

I'm getting behind on my blogging, so I'll put our April Fools silliness here, too:

For breakfast, we had a dessert disguised as breakfast.  Our "eggs and bacon" are really vanilla pudding with apricot halves as yolks.  The bacon is apple butter, put on the plate with a fork.  The picture is from a previous year since I forgot to get a photo this year.

For lunch, we had dinner disguised as dessert.  The "cupcakes" were meatloaf with mashed potato frosting.  We got miixed reactions to that one, as you can see.

For dinner we had breakfast: actual bacon and eggs!

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