Friday, July 14, 2017

Seven Quick Takes: The Big Sick

1. I feel like I should explain the last month.

I went to NJ to take care of my mom, who was hospitalized because of a variant of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever/ Tick Disease, got bitten by (the same?) tick, and have been sick and unable to do anything for the last month.  I'm feeling much better now and can be on my feet for an hour at a time.

2. I thought I should do "Seven Things I Learned from Being Well and Truly Walloped by a Tick Borne Disease." I thought about that, but everything on the list turned out to be uselessly practical or practically useless.

Me reading blog books while my children hug me and bring me tea

1. Don't get bitten by a tick.
2. Avoid northwest NJ.
3. Have a husband who gets summers off.
4. Have older children who can drive, clean, cook, and shop.
5. Have said husband and children willing to wait on you for a month and then some.
6. Learn that God loves and cares for you.
7. Drink lots of tea.

3. In Which Wendy Discovers She is Not Required to Make Everything Happen

Stuff really does happen!

Meals were cooked and laundry folded!

Kids continued to learn and try new things, like building 3D models out of paper!

I learned to title my quick takes a la Charles Dickens!  I might still be a little loopy.

4. My favorite tea right now is twig kukicha.  I'm not kidding, you have to try this stuff!  It is, literally, roasted tea twigs and a few leaves.  It tastes kind of creamy and nutty and a little sweet.  It's Japanese.  I don't get any money or free tea or anything for posting this, but I've got 6 boxes of it, so I'm ok with that.  For now.

5. And 4 takes was enough to wipe me out.  So I guess that means I'm 4/7 of the way better!

Have a great weekend, more fun with Kelly!


Queen of Carrots said...

Prayers for your continued recovery!

Wendy said...

Thanks, much appreciated!