Friday, September 22, 2017

Seven Quick Takes: All the Stuff

1. Still catching up from being sick over the summer!

The older kids went to Brick Fair.

It's amazing having kids old enough to do this kind of thing on their own!

This was my favorite.

2.  In other news, I gave up and gave the younger boys haircuts. 

Some kids liked the results.

And some kids didn't.

3. Maybe it's the cooler weather, but I have been knitting obsessively maniacally compulsively    a lot.

I did a giant scarf (and matching hat) for my sister in North Dakota.

Then I did sets for my other sister's sisters in Seattle.  It's not super cold in Seattle, unless you're from Ghana.  Then you want a nice warm scarf.

4. My sister sent me this beautiful picture called Our Lady of the Forest.

Really, she sent it for Leena because she is Queen of the Squirrels, and there are many many squirrels in this picture.

I'm torn between "I love it!" and "Aaaaaah!  The squirrels are attacking Baby Jesus!"

I think I'm going with "I love it!"

 5. This picture is everything I liked about growing up in NJ (besides the lake, ice skating, and my actual family of origin).
6.We made marshmallows!!

I have no idea why this impressed me more than making jam or cheese, but it did!

Maybe because marshmallows are so technical looking?

 At any rate, they came out looking, tasting, and feeling like actual marshmallows except a little fresher and tastier!

It wasn't hard, but it does have to sit overnight unless you want marshmallow fluff.

7. My dear FIL brought me over some magazines, as he often does, and I happened to notice we had Science, then Popular Science.

Huh, I thought, all we need is Unpopular Science.

The next one was Sierra, all about climate change and vegan ice cream.

( IMHO, climate change is real, but not vegan ice cream, unpopular and scientific as they both are.)

I think I may be all caught up! Now I just need to clean my house.  Or... I could just take a quick look at everyone else's takes with Kelly.

Have a great weekend!

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