Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Awesome American History: 1898-1900

  This covered Edison, Labor Unions, and Prohibition, pages 184-194 in The American Story by Jennifer Armstrong.

For our art activity, we  made a newspaper and kids sold it, like the Newsies (news boys) who organized a union near the turn of the last century.

Our paper was a big hit!

For our active activity, we did a smuggling game based on Red Light Green Light.

I was the "catcher" looking for smugglers and I stood at one end of the yard with the kids at the other end.  Every time I looked away (searching for smugglers) they moved forward, and every time I looked back, they froze.

For our snack, we were going to have root beer floats, but I had also made peanut butter cookies, and the kids had so many of those, we decided they didn't need more sugar.

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