Friday, November 10, 2017

Seven Quick Takes: Smashing Pumpkins, Beautiful Cabbages, and the Judgy Camel

1. A final bit of silly fun with the pumpkins!

2. And some beautiful cabbages for late fall!

3. And a belated happy All Souls day!  We made it out to just one graveyard, but we visited 3 relatives and prayed for all the people buried there.

And we made it to Mass that day, so we prayed for everybody, really!

 4. We have started fruitcake!  This year we are trying Jamaican Black Cake which is reportedly fantastic. Unlike regular fruitcake, the fruit is pre-soaked for up to a year and then ground up before it goes in the cake.

It requires soaking an unbelievable amount of fruit in a much more unbelievable amount of alcohol.  Those bottles started out as full!

This is going to be a merry Christmas!
I'm Judging You Right Now

 5. And we touched up the Nativity pieces that had gotten chipped or flaky, including everyone's favorite Judgy Camel.

I had remembered that most of the pieces had gotten badly damaged, but it turned out to be only a few problem pieces.

6. This isn't actually my children trying to kill each other, Choclo and Oob just like to dress up and pretend to be trying to kill each other. And ask me to take pictures of them.

It's the reverse paparazzi problem.

7. The triumph of the week has to be finishing the 300 scout rolls!

Now I can't find anything in the freezer, but.. it's all going out on Saturday.

Until then, no frozen food!

Hope you're having a great weekend, more fun with Kelly!

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