Monday, February 19, 2018

The Frozen North

 The weekend before last, Choclo, Oob, and I went up to NJ for Pa's 80th birthday.  I gave him 80 lbs of rock salt.

When we arrived, Mumpy was chipping out a couple of inches of ice on the driveway so we could park.

Choclo told her with awe, "You are so lucky to have all this ice and snow!  We never get this in Maryland!"

I'm not sure she was feeling extremely lucky about it just then, but it was pretty funny!

And the boys found icicles and had a snow ball fight and played on the frozen lake, so they got a healthy dose of the winter we've been missing in Maryland.

But best of all, they got time with the birthday boy!
 And, this past weekend, in Maryland, we had this:

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