Friday, June 1, 2018

Teaching Tests

Zorg and Leena decided that they like doing math together, and since Zorg has already completed all the math he actually needs, he likes to keep up his skills with her.

Sometime in January they finished up Geometry, but instead of going into PreCalculus, they decided they'd like to do a test review class.

The community college where Zorg takes classes (joined by Leena next fall) doesn't have any entrance requirements, but it does have a placement exam, done on computer.  So far Zorg has only needed the English placement, but eventually they will both need the math placement.

My kids have never taken standardized tests, and that kind of testing is a definite skill, especially since some of the math is presented in a strange format (I know this because Mxyl and Klenda did these tests).

So I got a book on preparing for the Accuplacer test, and they've been enjoying it.  They know the math involved pretty well, but are learning a lot from the presentation.  It's funny, but after many years of intentionally not "teaching to the test," I'm teaching how to take tests!

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