Thursday, May 31, 2018

Hall of Fame and Keeper of the Flame

 Aren't my mom and dad a cute couple?!

They're not really big on awards and recognition, but I got them to put on their ribbons and medals so I could take a picture of them.

My dad just got inducted into the US Army Ordnance Hall of Fame!

My mom was just given the Keeper of the Flame award.  This is actually the companion award to my dad's Samuel Sharpe medal (life time ordnance achievement award- Samuel Sharpe was George Washington's ordnance officer).

It's an award designed to honor and recognize some of the women who kept the home fires burning while their husbands were risking their lives taking apart bombs.

It sound a bit odd when put like that, but it really takes a strong stomach (and a will of steel) to deal with the continuous strain of near constant, potentially fatal deployment.  It's even harder (for both parties) to have a happy marriage while doing it!

But my Dad often said that he could do what he did because my Mom did what she did.

And in my mom's case, she kept the literal fires burning!

That's her with her ribbon, medal, and coal stove!

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