Saturday, October 6, 2007

Fish for St Francis? You Betta Believe it!

I don't know if I've mentioned the menagerie yet, but for the feast of St Francis we got more pets!! Those with allowances contributed and we now have 4 new aquariums with 4 beautiful male Bettas named Jack, Lovely, Prince, and Princess. Leena thinks her fish is too pretty to be a boy. Zorg (owner of the lovely purple fish named Lovely) is far more pleased that he now owns a catfish named Fluffy. Klenda also got a catfish named Mittens. If only she could have a seahorse...

OK, so that is 6 new pets. Add them to the Emporer's 5 fine feathered flying finches, our 2 too cute gerbils and our 2 crabby hermit crabs (now going on 5 years old and growing to unnerving proportions). That's 15 pets and a wide representation of the animal kingdom. Ah, but this time the fish are the kids responsibility... We will remind them to feed the fish whenever they (the kids) get into pjs. We will remind them to change 1/4 of the water every week, but they will be doing it!

Did I mention we are allergic to cats and dogs? Thanks be to God!

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Kate in NJ said...

LOL, P also wants a sea horse!