Saturday, October 20, 2007

Slow Posting

Looks like it's feast or famine around here! The Emporer has been sick several times in the last few weeks and is still recovering from the surgery (should be fine by January...), and was having chiropractic problems from spending all that time in bed!

I have finished my stint in the home school co-op and settled into teaching CCD (Sunday School). We have been having a great time home schooling and I want to blog about all the fun stuff we are doing! I am hoping to get to some of that today, but if not, it is coming...

The 2 big things to blog about are: teaching kids to pray, and Plutarch. We are launching into Plutarch week, both the Lives of Noble Greeks and Romans and the Virtues of Women. We are planning the perfect Plutarch party and I spent the morning painting pretty pelops. I promise a plethora of pictures. And perhaps some particularly prosaic prose. Pax!

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