Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Choclo!

Guess who got a family membership to the B & O Railroad Museum for his birthday?

His favorite part may have been the Thomas the Tank Engine built out of Legos.

Or the wooden train he got to play on.

Or the exquisite model train set up in an antique passenger car.

Or it could have been the ride on the actual train. That one is hard to tell since he actually hollered through almost all of it that he wanted to get off (5 out of 6 Zoomlians enjoyed the train ride very much).

Naturally, that night, he proclaimed it his very favorite part and he wanted to do it again.

But I think his very favorite was playing in the real locomotive with a great (loud) soundtrack of the train starting, then picking up speed, whistles sounding.

And he liked the cake back home!

Happy, happy birthday, Choclo!

And why did this picture come out sideways, anyway?

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Kate in NJ said...

Happy Happy Choclo!!