Monday, May 18, 2009

May Day!

How's this for a late post?

May 1st is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker as well as the first day of the month dedicated to Mary.

I hunted around in the basement and found an old piece of molding (maybe 8 feet long), a hacksaw and a miter box.

I taught the kids to cut angles using the miter box. We cut the molding in half, then cut a 1 foot section from each piece. I think each cut used a 45 degree angle and I had to keep checking the pieces to make sure we were cutting the angle in the right direction since the molding was not the same on both sides. I still messed it up, but you can't see it!

I intended to nail it together, but opted for hot glue at the last minute. We sprayed it with gold spray paint and then went shopping for flowers.

Our local craft store had garlands on sale and the kids picked out two (of the most colorful variety). We twisted it around our wood and fastened the looped ends of the garland to a nail on the wall (for stability). We then brought up our Mary statue from the chapel (Did we sing "Immaculate Mary? I had intended too, but can't remember!) and installed her in her new shrine in the living room!

The irises are from the plants i had given up on when they didn't bloom at all last year. I am happy to say they bloomed profusely this year, even though they still badly need dividing.

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