Monday, December 20, 2010

What We've Been Up To, Part 3

We've been plugging away with the schooling. We've been holding the course with Math. That seems to be the one thing you never want to take a break from. It seems like everything is built on everything and the information seems to leak out their ears if you go too long without accessing it.

Leena and Zorg are enjoying their copy work. Leena is nearing the end of her story about a squirrel and a dolphin. Zorg has just killed a dragon and discovered a mysterious jewel in his story. I make the stories up as we go along and write them in their notebooks. When they were little, they traced my printing. Now they write it over themselves. It's an easy way to teach handwriting, grammar, punctuation, spelling and capitalization.

Mxyl and Klenda are still going on "Trials of Furno." I'll try to post more of it later. This is something they beg to do in their spare time! The Emperor is signing on as editor. It's amazingly convenient to have a professional writer (and English teacher!) on staff!!

We are taking a break on our US History mega unit. Science has been mostly revolving around weather and the relationship of heat/energy to density. Lots of interesting conversations and guesses about why things do what they do. Questions like, "Why does hot air rise?"

And then we got around to haircuts! The girls were especially pleased with their results. The boys were fine with whatever was going on atop of their heads. It's not that they don't appreciate a haircut, it's that they don't get excited about it. Girls are kind of fun that way.

The older four were easy. Oob is hard, but doable. I think I will have to go back and even some things out.

Choclo, however, well, the last time I had tried the "big boy haircut" I really had not liked the results...for about three months. I felt so clueless about what to do with his hair, that I finally broke down and sent him to a barber(with the Emperor).

First time any of my kids have had their hair professionally cut! It looks great! Plus, I looked at what the pro did, and I think I can do it next time.

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