Friday, December 31, 2010

Wrapping Up 2010

Top 10 memorable things about 2010:
10. Snowpocolypse: we finally get serious about winter.
9. Snowmaggedon: we get way too serious about winter.
Klenda: "How can I play in this much snow?"
The Emperor: "Tunnel."
8. The US History mega unit.
7.The trip to the beach.
6. The trip to NYC!
5.Discovering and fixing the void under the basement floor; ending up with a brand new and improved family room.
4. My sister making her final profession and the trip out to see it.
3.Our 20th wedding anniversary and the trip back to where we met!
2.Choclo becoming a Big Guy - now we have five Big Guys and only one little Guy!
1. Mxyl becoming a teenager!

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