Tuesday, June 21, 2011

US History: Diorama Madness

I wanted to wrap up some of the eras we have been studying, so I asked the Zoomlians to each pick an era and make a diorama. So far, three have finished and they each made a different kind of diorama.
Mxyl made what I think of when I say, " diorama."

He did the Civil War with these cool paper soldiers which you can download for free. We had to shrink them by 50% to get them to fit, but we were very pleased with the results!

Note the dead soldier on the bottom!

Klenda did a "peephole diorama" which was very difficult to photograph. This is where you cut a hole in the end of a covered shoe box and make a scene lit by "sky lights."

She did the Wild West, specifically, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. That's Buffalo Bill on the horse. Can you see Annie Oakley?

Zorg did this somewhat alarming diorama of World War I. He did it in a bin that is viewed from the top so that he could make trenches and tank deterrents.

In the foreground, you can see an unexploded shell, the crater of which has partially collapsed a trench.

I thought the guy caught in the wire was a great touch, but Grammy pronounced it disturbingly realistic. I think I agree!

Leena is still working on her 1920s diorama. My sweet nine year old Sunshine Girl wants to do a speakeasy...

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