Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Joint Blog: More Visiting

The Prime Minister of the Zoomlian Empire: blue text
Mxyl: red text.

 Still catching up:  two week ends ago, Mxyl and I went up to visit my folks for my Dad's birthday.  

It was super fun!  Mxyl started highway driving on this trip since it takes us on some less populated highways. Highway driving was indeed fun, and talking with the Prime Minister about crashing into an oil truck and the fantastic oil explosions that would result helped (dare I say encouraged) me to stay relatively on-track throughout the driving.  Overall, we had an absolutely smashing time! That said, I do hope that'll be my last crash course on driving... 

When we got there, there were twelve inches of snow on the ground and the lake was frozen.  And it was 3 degrees.  I discovered that Maryland winters had made me a weather wimp.  I spent most of my time inside with my folks and the nice, warm coal stove!  

I was either more adventurous, more foolhardy or just more of a fool; take your pick (hint: my Japanese catchphrase/motto is "Zenzen kangaemasen").  I went to the backyard, opened the door (which opened halfway due to a layer of ice on the snow as you can see in my picture), take pictures and put my skating lessons on ice!  Only trouble was, I'd never taken any skating lessons.  Anyway, I was happy to know that I could walk around, at least attempt a British accent when filming and get my phone batteries run down within five minutes of recording (a.k.a. 23 minutes on pause). 

I had a great time helping my Dad sort through his photo albums and his awards and decorations.  The first newsletter came out for the bomb disposal museum being named in his honor (!) and he is sorting through things to send them.  The museum is opening in May 2015!

Using my experience with computers, I helped Mumpy install PhotoShop CS6 instructions from a CD when it wasn't in the CD's programming!* Overall, we had a great time inside, outside and just talking to each other as well. 

*For Windows: if a "What do you want to do?" message pops up, click "Open Folder to View Files."  If it doesn't show up, go to My Computer and right-click the CD disk.  Click "Open" instead of run; some older computers will call this option "explore."  From there, you can just copy-paste anything you want.  

Pa had a great birthday and we had a great time!

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