Monday, February 24, 2014

Lent Plans

Unbelievably, this year, I am planning for Lent (and even blogging about it!) so early as to be conceivably useful to you!

Which just shows what can happen if you start Lent late enough in March...

I first brain stormed with the Zoomlians as to what they would like to do for Lent:

Me: Do we want to do the scripture cross this year?

Leena: We should do the Vine and Branches.

Zorg: How about the foot poster?

Mxyl: Well, no candy or cookies is almost a requirement. We could put pretzels in the cookie jar.

Me: OK, how about the Sunday Gospel desserts?(general agreement)

Klenda:We could try to focus on a different virtue every day. Then on Good Friday, we do them all! :)

Me: Do we want to do the bean jar?

Choclo: We should pray more and be nice to each other.

Oob: We should do dessert every day! (silence) For Lent!!!!

(Very loud crickets)

More (good) Lent ideas here.


Sue Elvis said...


We're all looking forward to the bean jar! Most of your other suggestions look like ideas we've never tried. Thank you for the links!

SwissKat said...

oob - aan after my own heart!