Saturday, April 5, 2014

Great Glowing Goop of Science

Extra points for getting the chicken mask in the shot
 Did you know that tonic water fluoresces under black light?

It totally does!  It's the quinine in it.

I saw a video a while back that suggested making goop (a cornstarch/water slurry and a non-Newtonian solid or a colloid depending on who you talk to) with tonic water.

I'm sorry, in the 2 weeks it took to find tonic water, I've forgotten where I saw the video!

But it works amazingly well, even under the kind of fake "black light" bulbs from the hardware store (pictured)

 Under the true UV light, it was astonishing!
In normal light, it was just plain goop and clear water.

Still fantastic stuff!

And, for those of you wondering how to home school older kids with toddlers trying to "help," a word to the wise: goop is your friend.

It satisfies the toddlers need for sensory stimulation and the drive to make The Biggest Mess Possible, while drying to a harmless, easily swept up powder.

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