Monday, April 14, 2014

Odd Parenting Hack #842

This is something that will only work if you are a certain kind of mom (silly) with a certain kind of kid (silly).  I am, so I'm throwing this out there.

Choclo recently told me, with great delight, that he had discovered a fast and easy way to put away his clean clothes. "I find the emptiest drawer, and then I put the whole pile in.  And then I'm done!"

I have long suspected that a number of my children use this method, but he was the first to tell me about it.

At the time, we were only a week away from the clothing shift, so I only commented that it might seem faster, but it wasn't a good long term solution.

Last Saturday, I did the big seasonal clothing shift.

Choclo is still young enough (8) that I do most of the work for him, and just call him when it's done.

As we were walking up the stairs to see his new exciting wardrobe (he went up to size 10!), I explained the importance of caring for pets.

When he had a pet, he had to make sure to feed it exactly what it needed.  If he fed it the wrong thing, it might get sick!

Then I introduced Choclo to his new pet: Bureau.

Each drawer is carefully labelled with exactly what it needs to be fed!

Choclo thought it was hilarious.

We'll see how well Bureau gets fed...


Kids Making Change said...

Hello Wendy, thanks for sharing your experience. Labelled drawers, what a great idea!

Sue Elvis said...


I am sure my boys don't even use their drawers. They just throw their clothes into the floordrobe. I have just started to change over our clothes too. Suddenly the weather is cool. I usually sort the season's clothes in the Easter holidays but Easter is a bit later than usual, and we are lagging behind. I must find a warm shirt to wear for the Easter Vigil because I'm sure it will be cold when we come out of Mass. I might even need my new coat!

I am sorry to hear your parents haven't been well. I haven't been very good at keeping up with anyone's posts recently. Too much writing (I am doing a blogging challenge) and not enough reading. I just read all your posts and enjoyed them!

I hope you're having a very blessed Holy Week. Easter is almost here!