Monday, November 3, 2014

Other Stuff, Like English

 So, with all the Halloween stuff, actual educational stuff was also happening.

For one thing, Klenda made her English teacher Dad's year when she asked the Emperor if she could read The Scarlet Letter.

I hadn't read it in a while, either, so we are reading it together- so fun!

If you haven't read it since high school (and then under duress), the key to the book is this: Pearl is expressing everything that Hester is repressing.

Once you know that, it's a fascinating (and somewhat creepy) read.

And, speaking of creepy, we just finished Sophocles's "Oedipus Rex." 

We love Greek plays!  The picture is terrible, but that's Zorg (the shepherd) giving Klenda (Jocasta) the bad news about Mxyl (Oedipus) - she's closer to her husband than she thought. 

It's so fun to do these great classic plays with people who don't know how they will turn out!  It really is a shocking twist!  As it turns out, the original audience knew exactly how it would turn out, so they (like me) go through a play dripping with dramatic irony.

Also, Sophocles mentions that Jocasta has a magic necklace which keeps her from aging, which makes the whole situation make more sense.

We can't wait to start "Antigone!"

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