Monday, November 10, 2014

Saturday Was Crazy!

We started out picking up canned goods for the poor from around our neighborhood as part of Scouting for Food.  We took it all to our drop off point, our daily Mass parish, Holy Redeemer.

This was a great drop off place since Holy Redeemer was doing it's biggest fundraiser, the Harvest Bazaar.

The Boy Scouts were, for the first time ever, doing their Chicken BBQ, for the Harvest Bazaar, which meant I needed to drop off the 380 Scout Rolls we had made over the last few weeks.

Did I mention the Boy scouts were also doing their annual popcorn booth?  And the Cub Scouts were running a softball toss booth?  And Klenda and Leena were helping at the Coke Toss booth?  Ummm, and the adults needed to help, too?

It was CRAZY!  It was amazingly fun!

Did I mention there were prizes?

Choclo won a rubber shark!

Klenda won the Balloon Pop grand prize (a tiny frisbee!).

Oob won the Coke Toss (and this bottle of Coke!).

I was so busy, I only managed this one picture, but I think it says it all!

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