Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ooooh! Shiny!

I have a shiny new laptop!  I am in the process of catching up on blog worthy events here and reading the blogs I've missed while I was without a laptop.

I've been adjusting to the new touch screen, and that's been kind of fun, but far and away the most fun has been the discovery that the new laptop can do this:

That's actually Choclo, if you were wondering... I have no idea if he actually smells much better than you.

Do we detect a theme?
In other news of the new and shiny, we got the new new freezer (the old new freezer came in with it's frame crushed).  Here we are removing the old one.

And we got the cars repaired. And the mixer fixed.  And the dryer.

And now: Nothing else is allowed to break until after Christmas!

Did I mention we have mice? We've never had mice before in the 13 years we've lived here!  Fortunately it seems to be a litter of fairly young mice, so they have been easy to catch (the Zoomlians have caught and released 4 so far).

I harbor dark suspicions that it is all part of the perennial campaign to get a cat (I love cats, but we have allergies). At any rate, the mice have until Friday to vacate the premises (or be caught by Zoomlians) before we put in the traps.

Maybe we need a cat avatar instead of a dog...

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