Friday, December 5, 2014

Gingerbread Crazy

Are we really only 6 days into Advent?  It feels like we must be at Gaudete Sunday by now, probably the consequence of three straight days of gingerbread (4 if you count the cookies).

None of which I can show you because they are for the co-op party/gingerbread contest happening Monday, but after that, there will be many pictures, I can promise you!  The pictures now are from a project I did a few years back called "Bethlehem Means House of Bread."

The tricky bit is that I am taking Choclo and Oob up to see Mumpy and Pa this weekend, and we won't be back until Sunday evening, so the gingerbread needed to be essentially done before I left today, which it is. Phew!

It's less that everyone needs help with actual gingerbread, and more that the logistics of providing undisturbed space for 4 gingerbread projects to cool/dry/continue to exist do need my help.

Also, having made some gingerbread in the past, I am veritable font of useful advice on which bits to glue on first, and what to do when your masterpiece cracks, breaks, bends, or is bumped/touched/eaten. 

If I had to give a single piece of advice it would be: decorate the walls before you construct the house!

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