Wednesday, December 17, 2014

O Christmas Tree

 We have achieved Tree!

Usually we get the tree in the first week of December, leave it outside (in a bucket of water) until Gaudete Sunday, and then bring it in and decorate it.

This year, the Emperor was still having breathing issues from what turned out to be seasonal asthma, and I had doubts about the wisdom of adding another possible allergen.

The Emperor (and the Zoomlians) had doubts about the wisdom of plastic trees.

After we had the Emperor stick his head in a Scout Wreath and try to breathe careful scientific testing, and with a dismal lack of nice fake trees for less than $400, we decided to get another real tree.

 The fire department, our usual source, was already sold out, so we ended up (several lots later) at Home Depot with this lovely and fragrant Balsam Fir.

I started sneezing in the car on the way home.

The thought that I might be allergic had never occurred to me!  Fortunately, I'm fine with an extra antihistamine.

And the house smells really nice!

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